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yesterday was awesome!

feel damn hyper now cos there's gonna be training tmr!!!:D can't wait to bat, throw, field and do physical again!:P oh! not forgetting pitch:D hehehe.. was kinda sad that there was no training yesterday cos of the 'o' and 'n' level oral.. which also means we must be as quiet as possible from 3pm - 4pm. oh well.. but at least we still get to train! haha!
anyways, since there wasn't training, Cheryl, Phoebe, Chi Yean, Eileen and I went to macpherson to play basketball:) borrowed basketball from Stephen:D thanks alot again Stephen!:D started playing after Stephen said he would be coming to claim his basketball at 6.30pm. haha! we were playing 2 on 2, Cheryl and Phoebe VS Chi Yean and I.. then this guy from hua chong came and asked to join us, we accepted:) then stopped to include him. in the end, it was, him and Chi Yean VS Cheryl, Phoebe and I. We were damn pathetic at first cos we didn't dare to block him. then, we started making friends with him. he was really funny and friendly:) I think I met my match! he's as lame as me or even more! haha!:P really great experience meeting him:D so, had alot of fun although there wasn't softball!:D hehe.. okaies byebye! have a nice day!:P


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